6-6-23 Bill Cunningham Show

6-6-23 Willie with Scott Gerber

Is free speech under attack on our Ohio college campuses funded by your tax dollars? Willie brings on Professor Scott Gerber formerly of Ohio Northern University, to tell why he was fired for writing an Op-Ed in defense of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 6/5/2023

Can Barak Obama be President again? Or maybe Michelle O? Hillary? Willie Explains this and more.

6-2-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses how companies who inacted "woke" policies, are now facing boycotts with Mehek Cooke, improving your love life with Sarika Jane, and will the Reds bring up Elly de la Cruz?

6-2-23 Willie with Sarika Jane

Are young adults becoming more lost looking for love? Willie talks with Sarika Jane from ProsperityOhio.com about why we are having trouble finding the one, and how we can fix that.

6-1-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the crumbling justice system with Rob Sanders, Steve Milloy debates green energy, and Amy Natoce tells us the truth of the women's health amendment Planned Parenthood and others are trying to get on the ballot in November

6-1-23 Willie with Rob Sanders

Willie talks with Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders about the crumbling justice system in America.

5-31-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the agreement on the debt ceiling with Alfredo Ortiz. Who won? Also Tommy Valentine from the Catholic Voter Group explains why one group invited to Dodgers Pride Night is causing such a controversy. Finally Mo Egger tells us why the Reds window to win might be open now.

5-31-23 Willie with Tommy Valentine

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting a drag group who dress up like nuns and commit sexual acts to a Dodgers game for Pride Night. Willie brings on Tommy Valentine from the Catholic Vote Group to explain why this move is so controversial.

5-30-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses with the Power of 5's Brian Hamrick how a bad decision cost an 18 year old her life. Also Julie Gunlock talks with Willie about the boycotts of Bud Light and Target, and Congressman Brad Wenstrup breaks down the Debt Ceiling Deal and the Trump-Russia investigation investigation.