Home Depot Is Selling A Giant 89-Pound Crab Statue For $1,500

Are you trying to look for that one lawn decoration that will "wow" people when they visit? Home Depot has you covered with their Giant King Crab Statue!

The chain is currently going viral gain not for its giant Halloween skeleton, but for an 89-pound crab statue that is retailing for $1,539 in stores and online.

The 6-foot-wide red crabs comes complete with pinchers, claws and nested legs and is reinforced with fiberglass and hand-painted for you to put on your lawn, roof, or even in your home.

The King Crab Statue also has 34 snark-filled reviews on Home Depot’s website which you can see HERE, but if you're having a crabfest at your house later this year then this might be the PERFECT decoration!

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