Cargo jet crashes in Galveston Bay

Authorities are searching for three people who were on board a cargo jet that crashed into waters just off Houston. Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne says at this point there's no sign of any survivors or remains. He noted that he doesn't think anyone could survive a crash of this nature. The Boeing 767 crashed into Trinity Bay, which is part of the larger Galveston Bay this afternoon near the town of Anahuac. Hawthorne noted that authorities from several agencies are sweeping the area, looking for clues like the black box from the plane and other items that can give insight into what happened. Officials said the flight was heading from Miami to Houston. Hawthorne said witnesses saw the plane nosedive into Trinity Bay and the plane is a total loss. The FAA said it lost contact with the plane when it was about 30 miles from George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  

Photo: Getty Images


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