Council Okays Alamo Master Plan--What Happens Now?

The Cenotaph's days in it's current spot in Alamo Plaza are numbered.The City Council voted this week to approve a new Alamo Master Plan, and that includes moving the monument off it's hallowed grounds, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

But, how do you relocated a marble and granite structure that stands 60-feet tall?  Bryan Preston with the Texas General Land Office says it take more than a few movers with a dolly.  

The plan is to use architects, historians and engineers.

"A lot of people may not realize that the Cenotaph was built in Georgia and brought to Texas in pieces, back in the 1930s" he says.

And that's how they plan on moving it again.  In pieces.  As part of a slow and deliberate process.

"We're going to do much of the moving, repair and completion right on site, so folks will see this process as it happens," he says.

And he says the priority will be protect the monument to the Alamo Defenders.

The new location will be a place of prominence along the new parade route.  Streets around the Alamo were closed as well as part of the reimagining.  

Preston says the new spot is actually the first spot the city wanted to put the Cenotaph before settling on a second spot.  

It will also put the structure directly in line with the Alamo for the first time.

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