Young Teens Suspected in Animal Torture Case

San Antonio Animal Care Officers are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty on the city's west side, News Radio 1200 WAOI reports.

Officer Shannon Sims says three youngsters, aged 13 through 15, have been going to Elmendorf Lake, which is the 'lake' of Our Lady of the Lake University, and torturing and killing ducks and other wildlife.

"Multiple kicks, animals trying to get away once they are injured and unable to do so, it is a very damning video," he said.

And, this being 2018, the youngsters are taking videos of them doing this and posting them on social media.

Sims says the kids are clearly 'proud' of their torturing of the animals.  They can be heard in the videos laughing and mocking the birds as they kill them.

"I think that it speaks to the larger discussion of our parental responsibilities," Sims said.  "Empathy is not something that is inherent in all individuals."

He says there is a proven, direct correlation between youngsters who torture animals, and adults who commit crimes ranging from domestic violence to murder.

Sims says because of the video, they have a good idea of who these children are.  He says even at a young age, they can still face prosecution for animal cruelty.

PHOTO: Animal Control Officer Shannon Sims speaks to reporters at Elmendorf Lake

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