Pro Confederate Monument Group Says Saturday Rally 'Successful'

The group that organized Saturday's rally to preserve the Confederate Monument in Travis Park says the rally was a 'huge success' and promises to now turn its attention to defeating a proposal to move the monument, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Council Members Roberto Trevino and Cruz Shaw have introduced a resolution that would dismantle the 40 tall shaft, topped by a representative Confederate soldier, and move it to a 'more appropriate location,' perhaps the Confederate Cemetery on the city's east side.

But the This is Texas Freedom Force says it may have changed some minds during Saturday's rally.

"We sent a clear message," a spokesman for the group said.  "We think Trevino and Shaw are going to start thinking twice about their actions."

The group also hinted that a recall effort may be directed at the two Council members.

The group says the energy that was shown at the rally will now be focused on City Council.

"Every Wednesday at 6PM from here on out is 'Citizens to be Heard,' the group said, referring to a time that is set aside for citizens to bring up issues of concern.  "That is where we can speak about the monument."

Police estimate about 500 people gathered at Travis Park for the TTFF rally, and a counter rally led by groups that support the removal of the monument.

A statement by San Antonio Police says one person, a 20 year old monument opponent, was charged with Class C Assault,' a 'traffic ticket' level misdemeanor.  Another person was 'detained' but was later released.

There were no injuries reported in the rally.

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