Fl Shooting Survivor: “Our Teachers Should Have Guns in the Classroom”


Over the weekend, there have been several students that have become the recurring sources when it comes to taking action to prevent this from happening again. While those students and their thoughts need to be heard and listened to, it’s just as important to listen to others as well. Let’s spread the message of ALL the students who had to experience such a horrific event. Like the opinion of Marjory Stoneman Douglas student, Kelsey Friend, who spoke to Pags last week. Her interview was heart wrenching while inspiring. Her strength is truly admirable. Her emotional tribute to her beloved teacher Mr. Biegle whom she lost on February 14th and commitment to keeping his spirit alive is powerful. 

It's not a popular stance to take on the issue, especially coming from a Florida shooting survivor. But, it's important to hear reaction and opinions from ALL survivors. 

She too went through the horrific shooting and lost friends and a beloved teacher.Kelsey’s voice should have the same reach as those other students. Let’s make sure it does. Please share her message.

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