Chad Owen, the dedicated owner of Eagle Shadow Life & Annuity, Retirement Realized Financial, the author of Stress and Rocking Chairs, and the host of Retirement Realized Radio, is recognized with heartfelt humility as one of the nation’s top Safe Money and Income Experts by multiple esteemed organizations. Since 2004, Chad has diligently protected over $300 million in client retirement savings, driven by his sincere passion for safeguarding the hard-earned money individuals have accumulated over time.

Chad helps his clients skillfully navigate around the pitfalls of market volatility, allowing his clients to avoid the uncertainties and market losses that often plague retirees. His exceptional track record has earned him the respect and admiration of peers and clients, making his expertise and knowledge highly sought-after.

With a genuine desire to share his wealth of experience and foster a community of agents dedicated to ethical and purpose-driven client solutions, Chad founded the esteemed Retirement Realized Agents Academy. Through this noble initiative, he imparts his wisdom and guides aspiring agents on the path to success, emphasizing the importance of conducting business based on clients’ best interests.

He is happily married to his wife Leilani of over 30 years, has four incredible children, and one great son-in-law. Chad finds immense satisfaction in knowing that his clients can avoid financial losses while enjoying the security lifetime income they can’t outlive, helping them alleviate the two common burdens retirees face – stress and rocking chairs If you would like a consultation, call me at 888-RETIRED that’s 888-738-4733