USAF Grounds All C-5 Cargo Planes for Landing Gear Maintenance

The Air Force is standing down its fleet of 56 C-5 aircraft, so the giant cargo plane can undergoing maintenance for a ball screw that helps control the front landing gear, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Gen. Carlton Everhart, the Air Force Air Mobility Commander, says crews want to replace all C-5 ball screw assembly parts to ensure compliance with performance and maximize air crew safety.

He says if the ball screws don't operate correctly, the landing gear will stall on extension or retraction.

The eight C-5's stationed at Lackland Air Force Base won't be seen flying into or out of the southwest side, until the repairs are made.

"With an aging fleet, it is important to take all potential measures to reduce stress on the aircraft," Gen. Everhart said.The C-5, which is the main Air Force cargo aircraft, and regularly flies missions worldwide, first entered the fleet in 1970.

"Our maintainers will work diligently and safely to get our C-5M's and aircrews back into the skies over Texas as soon as the aircraft meet the Air Force' stringent safety and performance requirements," said Col. Thomas Smith, Jr, commander of the 433th Air Wing at Lackland.


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