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Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett Claims Biden Student Loan Debt Relief

During an recent interview, Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett heavily criticized the plan of the Biden administration to continually try and circumvent Congress’s authority by forgiving student loan debt, a power of which President Biden does not have.

The Biden administration presented plans on Monday to forgive student loan debt despite the Supreme Court striking down a prior initiative from the administration in June. The President’s actions are a complete disregard for the Constitution and a ploy to try and garner more young voter support ahead of the November elections, Jarret told “Fox and Friends.”

“They’re inventing a different run-around the Supreme Court decision,” Jarrett said. “In so doing, you know, Joe Biden is brazenly defying the law.”

“What he’s really doing is shredding the Constitution,” he asserted. “He changed his method of loan forgiveness in the latest plan, but the same legal principles that make it unconstitutional still apply. He’s not canceling anything, Lawrence. He’s transferring billions of debt from borrowers to taxpayers. And under the Constitution, only Congress has the power to do that, as the Supreme Court explained in their decision. So, you know, this is a stunning act of contempt. Biden says he doesn’t care about the separation of powers, the law, or the Constitution. So I sort of ask you here, who is the dictator? Who is the threat to democracy?”

In June, the Supreme Court declared Biden’s initiation unconstitutional as forgiving 40 million American’s student loan debt doesn’t fall in the purview of the Executive branch. President Biden continues to explore more options.

“Joe Biden here is buying votes,” Jarrett said. “So desperate to get young people to reelect him, you know, he is willing to undermine both Congress and the Supreme Court. The new plan, like the old one, is not just illegal. It’s grossly unfair. Forgiving debt helps those that went to college at the expense of those who didn’t. But it also punishes, Lawrence, students and parents who scrupulously saved for years to pay for college without loans and it also, of course, punishes those who have sacrificed an enormous amount to repay, faithfully, their loans as they promised.”

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