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Texas-Bound Californians Being Replaced By California-Bound Texans


Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images

Recent data released by the U.S. Census Bureau sheds light on a notable trend in interstate migration between California and Texas, revealing a fascinating exchange of residents between the two states. While Californians are departing the Golden State in significant numbers, Texas is not only gaining Californian transplants but also witnessing an influx of its own residents into California.

The figures unveiled on Monday depict a remarkable migration pattern: approximately 42,279 Texans opted for California as their new home in 2022. The driving force behind these relocations seems to be financial, with reports from Forbes highlighting the disparity in average salaries between the two states. Texas boasts an average annual salary of $57,300, while California's average stands notably higher at $73,220, placing it among states with the highest average salaries, following only New York and Massachusetts.

However, the migration isn't an exact tit-for-tat swap. While over 42,000 Texans moved westward, the Census Bureau reports that a substantial 102,000 Californians headed to Texas during the same period. This considerable influx of Californians into the Lone Star State suggests diverse motives driving these relocations, encompassing economic opportunities, cost of living, and various lifestyle factors.

The dynamic movement between California and Texas underscores a multifaceted exchange of residents, propelled by a blend of financial prospects, lifestyle choices, and the unique appeal each state offers. This migration trend illuminates the ongoing shifts in population dynamics and their underlying drivers, painting a nuanced picture of interstate migration patterns within the United States.

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