Trump offers "Path Forward" to secure border and end partial shutdown


President Trump says he is providing  Congress with a path forward to end the partial shutdown of the federal  government.  Speaking at the White House today, Trump asked for nearly two-billion dollars for humanitarian aid and increased Border Patrol security.  He again called for nearly six-billion dollars to help  construct strong barriers, "or a wall."  Trump also offered temporary  protections for undocumented Dreamers.  Trump called it a common sense  compromise that should be embraced by Democrats and Republicans. 

Trump argued that there is a crisis at  the U.S.-Mexican border that must to be resolved.  He said the U.S.  immigration system has been broken for too long and needs to be fixed.   Trump described the border as porous, allowing the flow of illegal  immigrants and illicit drugs.  He argued that the American immigration  system is a source of shame.  Trump insisted, "These are not talking  points." Dreamers are undocumented immigrants who were brought into the  U.S. as children. 

Before Trump's speech, Democratic  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the offer a non-starter.  She said  Trump must end the shutdown before serious negotiations over border  security can begin.  The shutdown involving one-quarter of the federal  government is nearing the one-month mark.

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