Trump Vows "Severe Punishment" If Saudi Arabia Killed WP Journalist


President Donald Trump says he's considering serious action against Saudi Arabia if government officials ordered the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.   He commented on the situation during the homecoming of Pastor Andrew  Brunson, who has just been released a Turkish prison.  The President  said it's still unclear what happened to the Washington Post reporter,  who disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate October 2nd.  But  Trump said the response probably won't be a trade war.  When asked about  the pending 110-billion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the President said he will likely still go forward because it would hurt the  U.S. economically if not.  Trump says if the weapons aren't purchased  by the U.S., they'll go to China or Russia. 

Trump said the investigation into Khashoggi's death is still underway and he hasn't seen alleged video and  audio evidence.  He added that he'll be calling the King and Prince of  Saudi Arabia within 24 hours to get more answers.

Photo: Getty Images

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