Kavanaugh Takes Oath In White House Ceremony


Brett Kavanaugh is America's newest Supreme Court justice.  Kavanaugh was sworn in to his new job at a White House ceremony.  Kavanaugh's oath caps a grueling nomination process that divided the nation.  President Trump apologized to Kavanaugh during tonight's ceremony, saying he and his family went through terrible pain and suffering during the confirmation process.  Kavanaugh had faced accusations of sexual assault during the process.  At tonight's White House ceremony, Trump remarked that Kavanaugh was, quote, "proven innocent."  Kavanaugh will start hearing cases on the Supreme Court tomorrow.

In his speech, Kavanaugh said the confirmation process was contentious and emotional, but that's in the past.  He emphasized that his job isn't to serve one party, but to serve one nation.  Kavanaugh stated that his goal is to be a force for stability and unity.

Photo: Getty Images

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