Ban Cartoon Characters On Unhealthy Food Says?


They're [not] Great! Or so say some British politicians who want to ban cartoon mascots from advertising so-called "unhealthy" foods to kids.

The group of parliament members would also stop film or TV characters like superheroes from appearing on the packaging for such foods, all in an effort to curb obesity rates.

Their recommendations ask to prevent junk food commercials on TV before 9pm, have supermarkets remove sweets, chocolate and other unhealthy snacks from the ends of aisles and checkout areas, and allow municipalities to limit the number of fast food restaurants from operating in a certain area.

Stephen Woodford, chief executive of the Advertising Association, believes that these proposals would ultimately be ineffective since there are many factors related to the "complex root causes of childhood obesity."

Should the government be involved in the kitchen? Do you think cartoon advertising makes kids want to eat these foods?

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