Restaurants Are Charging To Use The Restroom With New App


Restaurant owners are finding new ways to make money and curb rising food and minimum wage costs. A new app allows restaurants to charge customers for space and the use of their restrooms.

For .99 cents to $5, Luluapp directs users to the closest bathroom and generates a digital bathroom pass that allows them to use the restaurant’s bathroom. Restaurants are able keep 65% of the profit.

Bagbnb allows restaurants to rent out space for travelers to store their luggage for $6 per bag. Some restaurants are pulling in up to $2000 per month with the use of the app, plus people will grab food or a drink while they’re there.

KettleSpace is targeted to entrepreneurs and free-lance workers and it allows club owners and restaurants to rent out work space for $25 for 10 hours or $99 per month, which is cheaper than WeWork’s cheapest $220 option.

Would you pay to use the restroom or store bags while traveling?

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