Yellowstone TV show inspiring global cowboy fashion trend

Cowboy Store

Photo: Getty Images

In San Antonio and South Texas, western wear has been a big part of the culture for centuries.

But now, the rest of the country and much of the world is choosing cowboy fashion due to the popularity of the television drama Yellowstone.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that cowboy fashion is becoming a huge trend now. Across America and around the world, more people are buying western wear as inspired by the television show. The Journal talked with a fan in Germany who now dresses like a cattle rancher because of Yellowstone. The company that manufactured the cowboy hats in season one of the series continually sells out of head gear.

The web site sells clothes from television shows and was co-founded by the executive producer of Yellowstone. In fact, episodes of Yellowstone feature QR codes to different products the characters wear that can be found on the web site.

Even Wrangler jeans is getting in on the act, now rolling out its own line of Yellowstone apparel.

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