The Long Game premieres in San Antonio on March 28th

Hope you can check out the San Antonio premiere of the new movie ‘The Long Game.’

Based on a true story, it opens in 1200 theaters nationwide April 12th, but you can see it here March 28th at a special benefit screening.

This is part of a fascinating story I first reported on several years ago. And now boxer Canelo Alvarez is an Executive Producer of the movie!

Congratulations to San Antonio lawyer Humberto Garcia, who wrote the book ‘Mustang Miracle, which the movie is based on.

It’s about teenage friends in Del Rio who overcame all kinds of obstacles and discrimination to become #Texas state #golf champions in the 1950s.

Jay Hernandez (Magnum P.I.), Dennis Quaid, & Cheech Marin star. - Randy Beamer

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