Oakland Seeking To Reverse Their “Defunding Of Police” Amid Crime Wave

Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, New York City, Baltimore, L.A. now Oakland all Democrat controlled cities that pandered to BlackLivesMatter by defunding the police only to see a massive spike in violent crime resulting in the liberal leaders moving to RE-fund the police.

Oakland’s far-left Mayor Libby Schaaf doesn’t just want to reverse the defunding of police, she also wants criminal bail reform scaled back after numerous violent offenders are repeatedly released on low or no bond.

Mayor Schaaf reportedly said in the call she will be asking city council to "reverse" the funding cuts to police which are already scheduled to take place next year. 

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong has been sounding the alarm about the escalating violence in the city, recently saying “I'm asking council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city." 

The announcement came after as a 1-year-old boy was hit by a stray bullet as he sat in the back of his mother's car and the murder of a retired police officer acting as a security guard for a television news crew

Mayor Schaaf says city council must reverse $18 million in defunding of the police department that is set to take effect this year. 

She says she’ll more for more police to address “this violence spree”. 

She would also like to see bail reform addressed because criminals are not being held accountable. 

Councilmember Treva Reid echoed Schaaf’s concern about violent criminals repeatedly being released, she says “when those who are committing crime realize there is no accountability — on the street or in the court system — we are seeing that dangerous rise of distraction before our eyes.”

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