Two Women Beat Gay Male Dem Senator In Wisconsin During “Peaceful Protest”

Remember back in June when the riots were just getting started, and people were tearing down any statues they could, because “white man”? 

In Madison, WI one night, a group of rioters and vandals tore down the statue of one Hans Christian Heg (maybe pronounced Hey). He was an immigrant who was a staunch abolitionist who died fighting for the Union in the Civil War. But he’s a white guy, so he had to go. 

A gay, Democrat state Senator from WI, Tim Carpenter, got caught up in the violence, and was beaten by a couple of women. He required surgery for his injuries. 

Some arrests have been made now, and who these women are is rather disturbing. One is a physical therapist who was actually identified by one of her patients. Kerida O’Reilly is a licensed physical therapist. The other woman, Samantha Hamer, is a school social worker. 

A social worker? Is she the kind of social worker that we are going to send to rape victims now that the police won’t be allowed to go? Is this what we need?

I’m pretty sure the physical therapist was just trolling for new clients. 

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