Former AZ Gov Slams Media’s Hypocritical Response To Pelosi Finger-Wagging

Former Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer points out how the media is celebrating Speaker Pelosi for wagging her finger at Trump, while the media attacked her for doing the same thing to Obama in 2012.

Back in 2012, Brewer was photographed poking her finger in Obama's face when he visited the state. She says they were in a heated discussion about illegal immigration and the border crisis.

MSNBC said that Brewer should “apologize for pointing her finger” in Obama’s face. The Washington Post and a number of other outlets came Brewer “racist” over the incident.

By contrast, Pelosi’s finger wagging at Trump has been called “iconic”. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said “the photo instantly becoming a new and powerful symbol” and that it’s “iconic”.The Washington Post love it so much they made it into a new Democrat rally crying “Nevertheless, she pointed.”

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