Trooper Pulls Driver Stranded On Tracks Seconds Before Train

From ABC4 Salt Lake:

A young man is alive because of the quick and courageous actions of a Utah Highway Patrol trooper in the predawn darkness Wednesday morning.
With a fast-moving FrontRunner train bearing down on them, that patrolman and an unnamed driver were two seconds away from certain death and the dramatic rescue was captured on the trooper’s dashboard camera.
At 6:50 a.m. Trooper Ruben Correa responded to a call of a car on the tracks near Parrish Lane. The video shows him scrambling up the embankment to find the driver unconscious behind the wheel with a northbound FrontRunner train screaming towards them. What happens next is like a rescue scene from an action-adventure movie.
“We got a train comin’. We got a train comin’,” Trooper Correa shouts on the video, dragging the man to safety just two seconds before the train slams into the car and pushes it down the track.
“I heard the horn from a train,” Trooper Correa told reporters. “I looked to my left and was able to observe that train was coming pretty fast between 50 and 80 miles per hour so at that point I was a little but concerned about that…At that point I wasn’t really thinking, I was just doing my job and the main concern was just getting him out.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports “He’s being hailed as a hero for his quick action. UHP Col. Michael Rapich tweeted, “An incredible and heroic action by Trooper Ruben Correa. We are so grateful that the driver and trooper are safe after this extremely close call. Well done Trooper Correa!!!

Here’s Trooper Correa discussing the incident:

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