Kamala Harris Wants Gov’t To Force Businesses To Give 6-Months Paid Leave

With Kamala Harris’ poll numbers falling fast, she desperate to gain traction and the only way to do it in the Democrat 2020 race is to offer yet another freebie.

Now she’s saying that all workers should be guaranteed six-months of paid family and medical leave.

She’s calling it the “children’s agenda” because if you oppose her plan then you are opposing the children.

Under Harris’ plan, workers who make $75,000 or less would receive their full salary while taking time off to deal with a “health condition”; caring for an infant or newly adopted child; addressing military caregiving and leave; or addressing domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking. 

The leave could be taken as a block of time or intermittently, as needs arise. Harris’ policy would also guarantee job protections to workers and offer support to small businesses that must give workers time off. 

How will she pay for it? Of course her campaign is vague about costs and how they plan to pay for it. Her campaign says they will raise payroll taxes, corporate taxes, and income taxes on the top 1 percent of income earners but they will not give details on the exact amount of their hikes.Why would they, the headline is all that matters to Democrat voters.Vote for Kamala, she’ll give you 6-months paid leave, along with free healthcare, tuition forgiveness and a host of another cradle to grave handouts.

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