Watch: Spring Man Struck By Lightning While Walking His Dogs & Survives

Newly released surveillance video shows the moment when Alex Coreas was hit by a lightning strike last week.

Fortunately, a couple of good Samaritans quickly jumped into action to resuscitate him.

One woman ran to him and saw that he had charred clothing and wasn’t breathing. She and a colleague immediately began performing CPR.

That woman told ABC-13 that “his shoes and his socks got blown off his feet.We rolled him over and we were sweeping out his stuff. We were knocking him on his back, telling him, ‘It's okay. You got hit by lightning.’”

The lightning strike that hit Coreas left a large hole in the concrete.Coreas is expected to be okay, he's still recovering at Memorial Hermann.

He says I'm lucky to be alive, and I just want to go on living my life," Coreas said. "And I have a story to tell."

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