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Democrats compare DeSantis, Abbott to HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, but BIDEN enabl...

Democrats have amped up their accusations yet again, and are now comparing Republican governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to human traffickers. But Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) isn't having any of it. He joins Glenn to discuss why it's the Biden administration that is enabling REAL human traffickers at the border. And he gives a blistering response to the Sheriff of Bexar County's decision to investigate Florida's transport of migrants to Martha's Vineyard.

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GLENN: You want to understand the world, the Rosetta stone. To understanding the news of the day, is my new book, it is called The Great Reset. It's available everywhere.

Okay. So let's just go through some of the stories here. Venezuela, we now know, are empty their prisons, and sending violent criminals, to our border.

We had a record 2 million illegals apprehended at our southwest border, this year. 2 million, that we caught. Probably 3 million is the real total.

In that 3 million, we had another 12 caught, just last month. Another 12. Now, these are special illegals.

These are on the terror watch list. Remember, you heard a story. There are 24 people that were found. You know, on the terror watch list. Yeah. Uh-uh. Let me give you the stats on this. In 2017, two people got through that are on the terror watch list. 2018, six. 2019, zero. 2020, last year of Trump, two. First year of Biden, 15. And so far, this year, 78 from the terror watch list have come through our border, that we know of. Chip Roy is with us now. Hello, Chip. How are you, sir?

Doing great, Glenn. Great to be on the show.

Although, not doing great about the state of our border, and what it means for your or my home state of Texas, or this whole country. But I would love to live in this country, and keep fighting for it.

Chip, by the way, he's the congressman from Texas. I don't think I can take any more of this from the northern states saying, we're not a Texas border town. What the hell does that mean?

What does that mean? That they should just take it?

CHIP: Well, there's a certain irony in that, right? Listening to the DC city council woman, and the mayor saying, oh, we don't have the resources to deal with that. Texas does.

Wait. Hold on a second. By resources, you mean all of our towns getting absolutely overwhelmed and inundated. Our schools having to deal with massive numbers or actually shutdown because of bailouts, and the danger posed to them in South Texas. Our ranches getting to -- fences getting cut. Children dying from fentanyl poisoning. You know, people living in stash houses.

You go look at Washington, DC, Glenn. Oh, they wake up now. Oh, my gosh. There were 50 shipped to Martha's Vineyard, and we had 100 dropped off at Kamala Harris' house. There were 73 people found in a stash house in Washington, DC, in early August. Twelve of them were kids. This is real. It's in our nation's Capitol.

There are cartels. There was a headline in Baltimore just about a month ago, about the dangers of cartels engaged in Baltimore. In Virginia -- Culpepper, Virginia, talked to a sheriff last week, when I was meeting with a mom, who lost her children to fentanyl. And they busted a cartel operation in Culpepper, Virginia, one hour west of our nation's Capitol. It's happening. This administration knows it. They're lying about it, and they absolutely need to have to face consequences on what they're doing to our country.

GLENN: So, Chip, I'm so frustrated, I could pop a gasket when I start thinking about this. They're now comparing the GOP governors, saying that they're like human traffickers.

You don't need like human traffickers. You have human traffickers on the border. Human trafficking has never been this bad in America, and the Biden administration is creating and funding those human traffickers.

CHIP: That's exactly right.

And I just want to pause there for a second.

Those of us who love our country, were watching human beings being used as political pawns by these Democrats. Yet, they then point the finger at Governor Abbott or governor DeSantis. For highlighting the problem. By moving people who largely volunteered for it. Moving them to another place in the country, to essentially wake people up. Because MSNBC and CNN and the Washington Post and New York Times. And they all refused to report on it. There's a block of people in our country, don't know what's going on. If you're a listener out there, stop making nice when you go to your churches and you go to your community groups. And you don't want to talk about these things. Tell everybody.

Wake people up. Because your children are dying from the fentanyl as a result of the open borders.

Your families are going to get endangered by cartels and gangs.

This administration is causing it. But let's be honest, Republicans are allowing it to happen. That's why I'm calling on ending the continued funding of this crap.

I don't know how Republicans can fund the very things they campaign against. We shouldn't give one more penny to a homeland security administration that refuses to secure our border.

GLENN: Amen. Amen. But I don't think Turtle Face has the courage to do it. Let me ask you about the Soros-funded lawsuit against Florida, violating these illegals, their constitutional rights. They don't have constitutional rights. You don't have constitutional rights, but here's Soros funding this.

CHIP: Well, obviously, and you mentioned with the Soros-funded effort. The lawyers are seeking them out to go turn them into, again, political pawns.

And it's absurd to say, that individuals, who came to our country, illegally came here making some claims that this administration -- they were inducting them into the United States, endangering our people. That for some reason, governors moving them around our country, are somehow violating rights that they don't really have under the Constitution.

GLENN: Well, wait a minute. What is the difference between DeSantis or Abbott moving these people to Washington, DC, or Martha's Vineyard, in the day time, as opposed to, to the federal government moving them all over the country, we don't even know where they go?

CHIP: Yeah. Well, that's exactly right. The federal government has been distributing people throughout this country.

Let's go a step further. How about every non-governmental organization, every charity, every group and church organization. And Catholic charities.

And all the ones that are neck deep in all of this, that are running and putting people in hotels in south Texas. They are literally going and coordinating, picking people up. And distributing them throughout the country.

And, by the way, this is really important, okay? People are saying, oh. But they're seeking asylum.

Hold on. The vast majority of these right now, they're not even claiming asylum. They're not even looking through adjudication of acclaim for asylum. They're literally being brought through a tent or given a pass that's four acres. They're put in through a system. It's all set up. Just to process them. And release them under parole. And a notice to appear. Which is an absolute abomination. And a violation with the letter and the spirit of the law. It being purposefully. It's abusive. They're the ones moving human beings, and trafficking human beings. And the blood is on their hand. The little girl getting raped in a stash house, as we speak.

The American that is dying from fentanyl poisoning as we speak. The people who are going to be endangered by the criminals you alluded to, coming from Venezuela, or across the world. The terrorists you're talking about. It's just a matter of time. And Republicans ought to stand up and fight for the American people.

GLENN: I will tell you, this sheriff in Behr County, that is -- is it the FBI now? Investigating what happened in Florida, with DeSantis, flying these people up. He doesn't -- he doesn't claim anything is illegal. He just says, I don't know. It doesn't feel right. When are we basing investigations on feelings?

Second of all, this is the same guy, who in his county, you had, what? Fifty people die in the back of a truck.

Did he care about that?

CHIP: Well, you know, it's a really good point. And, you know, I've got a great relationship with a lot of the line police officers in San Antonio, the sheriff's deputy. This is nothing more than Sheriff Salazar playing politics, and doing so in a way that would endanger Texas.

And I want to be very clear. Any of my listeners out there in San Antonio, my constituents.

This is an absolute abomination, what the sheriff is doing.

He should be challenged for it. He needs to be removed from office. And someone needs to take him down, in terms of his political career, and we should replace him with somebody else. It's absurd.

You have fifty-three people, as you said, dying in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio. You have people, that we can't even get a lot of our cases brought on drug crimes because they don't prosecute them.

Because liberals take them to the DA's office, and because you have this kind of weak leadership. We need strong leadership in our cities. To root out crime. And we don't need these kind of political games. Where this is very specific, going after DeSantis. Because DeSantis is daring to say, that we ought to highlight this, by, you know, moving people around the country, so that people can understand what's happening to Texas, and to Florida, and to other states that are bearing the brunt of this. It's absurd.

GLENN: I don't even -- how do cities claim to be sanctuary cities, and then say, oh, we can't tabling of these people? How is that possible?

CHIP: Well, that was the DC councilwoman, I can't remember her name, who said, oh, she was the one complaining. Oh, they're turning us into a border town.

I said, hold on a second. You called for the abolition of ICE. You were out lauding DC, as far back as six or seven years ago. You, and Muriel Bowser. The mayor here, saying you're a sanctuary city, and you're complaining about a hunter being dropped off?

We're getting 3 or 4,000 a day, rolling across the border in Texas. That are being apprehended. Not even counting the got-aways.

I mean, the extent to which people are burying their head in the sand, and I want to go back to the fentanyl crisis. Because I've seen four people die in Hayes County, which I represent. I've seen people, high profile, and people not -- people don't know. And talking to moms.

I was at a roundtable last week with 12 moms, who have all buried their kids because of fentanyl poisoning.

And the American people don't understand. We're talking about pills. We're talking about one pill can kill, because it was cooked up in a cartel back yard, funded by Chinese fentanyl.

We actually had some law enforcement in Harris County the other day, who mistakenly took a pill, because it looked like candy that was laced with fentanyl, that they had some product. I mean, I'm telling you, people don't know what's happening. In the '80s, Glenn, the cocaine epidemic we had, 10,000 people died in a year. We're talking 107,000 deaths from opioids and drugs last year.

72,000 from fentanyl. It's a major problem. And it's because, we're not securing in our border.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. So I just -- I would like to add something.

I had fentanyl when I was in the hospital, and it almost killed me. And I read the box that it comes in.

It was a patch. My wife could not touch the patch, when she was putting it on, because it could kill her, just by putting her finger where the fentanyl was. Okay? That's how dangerous it is. On the box, it says, for end of life use only.

We have -- remember, it doesn't take a lot to kill you. 2300 pounds of fentanyl came across our southern border in August. That's 100 pounds more than July. And 13,000 pounds this year.

What are we doing, America?

CHIP: Hey, Glenn, to be clear. And those numbers are exactly right from the perspective of border patrol apprehension, but that does not count what got through. That does not count what is coming along, with the known gotaways.

That does not count what -- in Texas, our law enforcement have intercepted after it's gotten past Border Patrol.

In other words, the numbers are massively higher than even that. And when you look at fentanyl. Just so everyone understands. One to 2 milligrams can kill you. That fits on the end of a pencil. That's what we're talking about. When I say one pill can kill. Every listener out there. Forget politics for a minute. Go, make sure your children, your grandchildren, your loved ones. The people you care about know this.

You take a Xanax, you take an Adderall, you take something that looks like candy, if it's laced with fentanyl, you die.

And it is getting distributed throughout our country. We stopped two girls in Arizona, about two months ago, with 500,000 pills in their car. We stopped the car with 100,000 pills in it. This is a direct consequence of this administration. But I want to be equally critical. It's Republicans funding the government, that is carrying out this tyranny against the American people. For open borders. Hiring IRS agents. Having our energy getting absolutely destroyed by this administration. Continuing vaccine mandates, which are harming our men and women in military.

We have got to stop enabling this, Glenn. Republicans. We can stop it. Just stop. Not one more penny. Why would you fund the very thing that you campaign against. That's what I don't understand about Republicans. So I'm going to keep -- Kevin McCarthy yesterday. Kevin said, hey, if they're not going to do anything about the border, we should not be voting to fund this CR. That's a big statement.

GLENN: That's a big statement. I would like to see him back it up. He would have my support, if he backs that up. I'm not sure if he has the courage and cojones to do it. Being from Texas. You know what that means. But I hope that he does.

I hope the Republicans actually mean what they say. Chip Roy from the great state of Texas in the U.S. House. Thank you so much, I appreciate it, Chip.

By the way, you have to square your shoulders and stand up straight. You are on the right side of history. You are on the right side.

It is so clear, this battle of good versus evil. Who is actually helping people traffic children? Is it DeSantis and the GOP

Or is it this government, that is -- that is turning its blind eye, and allowing the cartels. Allowing China, to come in with boatloads of fentanyl.

Our children are at risk. And what are we fighting about?

We're fighting another evil, having -- having a debate, on whether or not you can mutilate our children, in a hospital! You're on the right side of history.

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