3 things to Know Today

1 The VP Debate: Harris & Pence Face Off

It's fair to say that the vice-presidential debate was much more civil than last week's first debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. It’s also fair to say that the “winner” of last night’s debate would be determined by one’s political persuasion. In the end, VP Mike Pence and California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris were pressed on a number of top issues during the roughly 90-minute debate in Salt Lake City – the economy, Coronavirus and race relations getting the most attention. Along the way: Harris slammed the Trump administration's response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, but Pence said the President has put the American people "first" from the start of the pandemic. Pence and Harris displayed deep differences about the economy. Pence argued a great American comeback from the pandemic is happening. Harris said the economy is a disaster because of the administration's response to the outbreak. They also disagreed about foreign policy, climate change, racial justice and the pending fight over a new Supreme Court nominee. Something both candidates mirrored each other on? Not answering questions on packing the Supreme Court, taxes...and a Vice President taking over should the President become incapacitated.

2 Hurricane Delta Continues Pushing Towards Landfall On The Gulf Coast

Hurricane Delta continues to push towards the northern Gulf Coast. The National Hurricane Center says the storm is expected to grow in size, while the likelihood of life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds are increasing. While Delta has dropped down to a category two, forecasters believe Delta will restrengthen into a category three hurricane before it makes landfall over the Gulf Coast tomorrow. The storm is also expected to impact the Lower Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic region with flooding and heavy rain over the weekend.

3 Derek Chauvin Released On Bond

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has gotten out of jail on a one-million-dollar bond. As you’ll likely recall, he was the officer seen in viral videos placing his knee on the neck of George Floyd, who died as a result. Floyd's death in police custody led to months of protests, cost Chauvin his job and led to his arrest on second-degree murder charges. His trial is scheduled to begin March 8th. His bond comes with conditions: he can’t leave the state without written court approval, he’s to have no contact with Floyd’s family, he must remain law abiding and make future court appearances.