Spurs Score 18th Straight Loss Against Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs

Victor Wembanyama #1 of the San Antonio Spurs reacts after fouling out of the game against the Los Angeles Lakers in the second half at Frost Bank Center on December 13, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas.Photo: Ronald Cortes / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs are riding a franchise record 18-game losing streak after Wednesday night's 122-119 home loss to the L-A Lakers. Rookie Victor Wembanyama paced San Antonio with 30 points and 13 rebounds in the loss. San Antonio has dropped to last place in the Southwest Division at 3-and-20. The Spurs and the Lakers meet again on Friday night. Tipoff at Frost Bank Center is at 6:30 p.m.


Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich:

(On the importance of playing competitively for the entire game…)

“It's always the mantra, especially for a young team. 48 minutes is a long time. Tonight, I felt better after the Houston game… than I did at halftime tonight. I didn't think that we competed, and I didn't think we played wisely. We were sloppy, trying to do things [too] quickly. We did nothing that the basketball gods would be happy about. The second half, I felt good. They played a basketball game, they competed, made some pretty good decisions. Everybody makes mistakes, both teams did. But in the second half, they competed and executed to win. So, I'm glad about that. I want to see how it carries over to Friday.”

(On what Victor Wembanyama learned playing against Anthony Davis…)

"He learned how to stick his hands in there for one thing. Stay on your feet [because] [Anthony Davis] going to try to get you up in the air. That’s what happens to a young player.”

Spurs/Forward Keldon Johnson

(On what sparked him individually in that second half…)

“Just being myself, just wanting to win, being competitive and just trying to bring my teammates along with me.”

(On what it is like to play with Victor…)

“I tell him every game just dominate, don't settle. [Victor] is special. Being able to play alongside him each and every game, go to practice with him, [and] see the way he dominates is pretty cool. It's like a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. It surprises no one, because he puts in a tremendous amount of time and energy each and every day. He shows up early, leaves late. He does whatever it takes to make sure his body is at peak shape, so that he's available for the team. So, to see him dominate, is definitely amazing.”

Spurs Forward Victor Wembanyama

(On what changed in the second half…)

“We took care of the ball, at least a little bit, unlike we did in the first half. We tried to step up the intensity as well. I think we surprised them a couple of times. That’s it.”

(On the difference in the fourth quarter…)

“I don’t think it comes down to set plays or tactics or nothing. I think it’s just playing hard and playing smart. In the first half, we had neither of those. If we’re not making shots or if we can’t get to the basket on offense, at least we need to get some stops and listen to the scouting report. They made baskets that were unacceptable, knowing what we learned about them this morning.”

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