Here’s How Often Texas Locals Adopt From Animal Shelters

Pitbull mix dog enjoying a sunny day at the park

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Pets offer more than companionship, unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. The become honorary members of our families who we welcome with open arms into their forever homes.

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter specifically unfolds as a heartfelt journey of compassion and connection. Animal shelters, often serving as havens for the abandoned and homeless, provide a safe space where the threads of human kindness intertwine with the innate innocence of our furry friends. Second chances are alive and well in shelters all across the country because every adoption story is a tale of redemption and transformation for every human and animal alike.

Cree Lighting has put together a list of the states that adopt from animal shelters the most, and, included within that, the states that adopt the least from shelters:

“Americans love their pets - maybe almost as much as they love their spouses and children! But before that love can grow, there's often a first step: adoption. Adopting a furry friend from a pet shelter can create an unbreakable bond, and it also helps rescue animals in need find their forever homes. 
Using data from Shelter Animals Count, we'll look at which states adopt most frequently from pet shelters and which fur babies are popular in each state. Keep reading to discover which states are leading the way in giving shelter animals a new lease on life!”

The adoption rate in Texas is 58.41%.

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