WATCH: Venice Gondola Capsizes After Tourists Refuse To Stop Taking Selfies

Rear view of three gondoliers rowing gondolas, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Photo: Glow Images / Glowimages / Getty Images

A group of Chinese tourists found themselves swimming in the famed Venice canals after their gondola capsized. According to CNN, the gondolier was trying to maneuver underneath a bridge near St. Mark's Square and asked the group of five tourists to remain seated.

However, due to a language barrier, the tourists did not understand his request and continued to move around on the gondola taking selfies. That caused the craft to flip upside down, sending the group into the water.

Video showed them grasping to the overturned gondola while another one pulled up alongside the group. As the second gondola approached, several people in the group tried to climb inside.

The tourists managed to swim the canal bank and were unharmed, though one passenger lost their cell phone. Officials said the gondola was not damaged due to the mishap but noted that the upholstered chairs and blankets were ruined after falling into the water.

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