ERCOT Continues Winter Preparedness Efforts

Pylons and power lines near to major electricity substation

Photo: Robert Brook / The Image Bank / Getty Images

As efforts continue to prepare the power grid for the upcoming winter season, ERCOT today announced that a new group of weatherization inspectors have completed the Certified Weatherization Inspector program and will immediately be deployed into the field to begin inspections of electric generation units and transmission facilities.

“There are unique challenges that each weather season in Texas presents for the grid. The winter preparedness efforts made by market participants, reinforced by ERCOT weatherization inspections, continue to strengthen the reliability and resiliency of the ERCOT grid,” said ERCOT President and CEO Pablo Vegas.

ERCOT continues to deploy a comprehensive suite of programs and tools to ensure grid reliability and resiliency during the winter months, including additional ancillary services, an expanded firm fuel supply service, and the deployment of additional weatherization inspectors.

“The CWI program is an in-depth training course that requires participants to have a deep understanding of weatherization principles, techniques, and standards,” said ERCOT Vice President of System Planning and Weatherization Kristi Hobbs. “Their expertise in the field will continue to support our advanced winter preparedness inspections.”

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