WATCH: Cow Escapes From Trailer, Runs Wild On Busy Highway

View from inside the car of a black horned cow in the middle of a rural Spanish road.

Photo: Antonio Hugo Photo / Moment / Getty Images

A wild video recorded by a motorist in Michigan captured a cow running across a busy highway. Authorities said that a driver was transporting a trailer with six cows on US-131 near Grand Rapids when one of the cows broke free.

Bethany Patterson pulled over and started recording as the cow sprinted in the left lane as a person chased it. As she was recording, another car drove past her.

"Oh, you idiot driver," she can be heard saying in the video.

As the driver speeds past Patterson's vehicle, the cow darts into the center lane and is nearly struck by the car. The slows down as the cow continues to run in front of it.

The Kent County Road Commission and the Michigan Department of Transportation assisted with capturing the escaped cow. and bringing it back to the trailer.

Officials did not say how the cow managed to break free.

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