WATCH: Man Detained On Tarmac After Jumping Out Of Plane's Emergency Exit

Airliner detail

Photo: acilo / iStock / Getty Images

A video posted on TikTok captured the chaotic moment when a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight used the emergency exit while the plane was at the gate at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans on Sunday (November 26).

The passenger managed to get onto the wing of the plane before dropping down onto the tarmac.

nearly four-minute video shows passengers screaming and yelling as the flight crew tries to get them to disembark from the aircraft.

Once the passengers are back in the terminal, the video shows the suspect getting into a scuffle with airport workers near a truck.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said that the suspect, who was not identified, was detained and taken to the hospital for an evaluation. Officials said the passenger was not arrested and that criminal charges have not been filed.

"There was an incident in which a passenger opened an emergency exit and got onto the wing while the plane was still at the skyway and had not pushed back," Jefferson Parish Public Information Officer Sgt. Brandon Veal told Fox News. "The plane was not moving at the time. He was caught on the tarmac and transported to a local hospital for evaluation. There have been no criminal charges at this time, however, the investigation has been referred to federal authorities. The passenger was not arrested."

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