Texas Woman Banned From All Carnival Cruise Ships For Bringing CBD Gummies

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas woman, Melinda Van Veldhuizen, was handed a lifetime ban from Carnival cruise ships for attempting to bring CBD gummies onboard to aid her sleep.

Despite having priority boarding due to her frequent cruises, she was pulled out of the line at PortMiami in August when a Carnival security guard discovered CBD gummies in her backpack, purchased legally online. Van Veldhuizen, with no prior legal issues, was taken aside and subjected to a lengthy interrogation by security and police.

Her plan to celebrate her 21st wedding anniversary and her son’s senior year on Carnival’s Horizon was shattered as she never made it onboard. Despite the fact that CBD is legal in Florida, Carnival, citing federal law, prohibits it on their ships.

Van Veldhuizen, holding gummies with THC levels well below the legal limit, is no longer allowed to board any affiliated cruise ships and received a letter from Carnival prompting her family to forgo the cruise in solidarity.

Carnival defended its actions, asserting compliance with federal guidelines classifying CBD as a controlled substance.

Van Veldhuizen's attorney argued that Carnival's rules specifically targeted marijuana, not CBD.

The incident has left Van Veldhuizen out $10,000 and stirred controversy over Carnival's interpretation of CBD regulations.

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