Wemby, Spurs Stun Suns Again

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns

Victor Wembanyama #1 of the San Antonio Spurs handles the ball against Kevin Durant #35 of the Phoenix Suns during the second half of the NBA game at Footprint Center on November 02, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

First-overall draft pick Victor Wembanyama had his coming out party as the Spurs beat the Suns 132-121 in Phoenix. Wembanyama went off for 38 points including 10 down the stretch as San Antonio pulled away for its second straight win over the Suns. "Wemby" also had 10 rebounds, while Devin Vassell added 17 points in the victory. Vassell, however, left the game with left groin tightness. The Spurs improved to 3-and-2 on the season. Devin Booker racked up 31 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds to pace the Suns, who fell to 2-and-3. Kevin Durant donated 28 points in the setback.



(On having every type of game to open the season and how it helps the team…)

“You know as well as everybody that when you go through those experiences, trials and tribulations, you learn from it. And until you go through it, since you can’t practice it, you do it all you want but you got to be in it when the lights are on, screw it up, finally get it right. The best part of the game tonight was when we shot it up really well and that happens in NBA games. We get a lead. Took a gut punch, they came back at us. Kevin (Durant) and Devin (Booker), they did their thing. And it was a tough gut punch, we lost some composure. I mean those two played great and got them back in the game. For about three minutes there offensively we lost our composure, which allowed them to run and do whatever. But we hung in there, got our solid play back the last three, four minutes. So, for a young team that needs to learn that in the fourth quarter, that was the best part of the game against a very good club.”

(On the offense continuing to look to Victor Wembanyama …)

“He’s a multi-faceted player. He’ll pass it to the open guy, but he’s got confidence in himself, and he made some plays that were unbelievable. So, that combination is pretty good if you have that skill and still willing to pass. I think we had 37 assists. And we didn’t turn it over on the road. I think we turned it over eight times. So, for a young team on the road to do that, is good. We’ll see if we can make it a habit.”

(On what aspect of the game was he most pleased about in the first quarter…)

“I think we got the big lead because we were on fire. That happens, and at the same time at the other end we played solid defense and rebounded well which allowed us to get out on the break and get some open shots. That is a great time to get drives to the hole, open threes and when our offense when sour, we got in the mud a little bit. That’s when Kevin (Durant) and Devin (Booker) started running. And we couldn’t keep up with those two.”


(On if this is the most his teammates have ever looked for him in a game…)

It might be. Every game is different. We got our third win. Every game we try to find the spots that we need to hurt them. Today, it might have been in this way. Tomorrow, it will be someone else. That is how great teams work. If we want to be great, we need to play with everyone.”

(On their strong start…)

“It all started on the defensive side. The energy we brought in. It was pretty much all that we talked about. They have so many good defensive players. That was the spot that we needed to focus on, and it worked. Especially in the first half. We took a big lead.”

(On if he felt that it was his responsibility to take over in the fourth quarter…)

Somebody has to do it. Tomorrow it will be one of my teammates. Two days ago, it was Keldon (Johnson). This is how we work. We work as a group and as a team.”

(On what the biggest thing to adjust in the league for him is…)

The biggest thing that I have learned is that a 20-point lead is nothing. It goes both ways. This is also something that we have seen in FIBA when we scout Team USA. You are going to be up 15 and, in a blink, you are going to be down one. You don’t know what happened because they ran the fast break like crazy and they get some defensive stops. In the NBA it is the same. A 20-point lead is really nothing.”


(On watching Victor Wembanyama take over the game…)

“It’s big time. Were we amazed? I’m not sure since we’ve seen that before. But it’s big time from him and that’s the type of player he is.”

(On being able to respond after the Suns came back…)

“Just staying together. The most important thing: communication. Just wanting it and that’s the energy we’re coming with. It’s 48 minutes; there’s going to be ups and downs and we’re playing against two really good players and a really good team so they’re going to come back from whatever the score was. At least we stayed composed and got the win at the end.”

(On what it was like defending against Devin Booker…)

“I’m here for that. Just be close to him. He’s a really good player so just trying to stay with him and make shots really hard or him.”

(On if this was the team’s best all-around game so far this season…)

“Yes, its five games in. I would say so, again. Brand new position. I’ve never played point guard so it’s going to be all over the place. It’s going to be a roller coaster. I’m just here to grow and learn.”

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns

Victor Wembanyama #1 of the San Antonio Spurs slam dunks over Eric Gordon #23 of the Phoenix Suns during the first half of the NBA game at Footprint Center on November 02, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Spurs defeated the Suns 132-121. Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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