FAA Wraps Up Safety Review Ahead Of Next SpaceX Starship Launch From Texas


Photo: Loren Elliott / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The Federal Aviation Administration has completed part of a process that would allow future launches of the SpaceX Starship prototype. The FAA announced yesterday that it has finished a required safety review that's part of the licensing process for future launches. The agency is still working on an environmental review of launch plans involving the prototype. The force of an April SpaceX launch at the Boca Chica Starbase facility in South Texas caused debris from the concrete launch pad to rain down across the area. SpaceX officials have criticized the length of the FAA's review process while continuing to test the prototype in preparation for another launch.

NASA plans on using the Starship for its Artemis 3 moon mission, to land humans on the lunar surface. A target launch date is set for December 2025.

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