National Weather Service Confirms EF-0 Tornado Hit San Antonio

Stormy cloudy skies

Photo: Leonid Korchenko / Moment / Getty Images

The National Weather Service has confirmed it was an EF-0 tornado that touched down in San Antonio yesterday.

National Weather Service damage survey concluded an EF-0 tornado started near the south end of the Masonic cemetery off of E Commerce St in San Antonio. Several trees were damaged in the cemetery between E Commerce and E Crockett St., and a fence was damaged at the tennis courts in Fairchild Park. As the track headed north- northeast, there was sporadic, very minor tree damage in the neighborhood, and a couple metal roof panels were lifted at an old structure on the railyard just west of New Braunfels St. The damage path was more notable within Ft. Sam Houston. Several trampolines were lofted, partial roof damage ocurred to a building near the south end of the Fort, and significant tree damage was also observed throughout the Fort property up to near Old Austin Rd. After that point, damage was again more sporadic and the tornado may have briefly lifted through much of Terrell Hills until reaching the Alcove apartments. Roof damage was noted to the northern building there, as well as damage to the Southwest Preparatory school. Security camera footage showed a small circulation crossing at Austin Hwy and Vandiver Rd at 8:18 am, and though it is possible that additional sporadic damage occurred northeast of here, the survey team was unable to find any notable damage north of Austin Hwy.

No injuries were reported.

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