Texas Congressman Says Egypt Warned Israel Of Possible Hamas Attack


A convoy of Israeli armored vehicles advances near the border with Gaza on October 12, 2023. Photo: MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / Getty Images

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul says Egypt warned Israel of a possible strike by Hamas three days before the attack. McCaul, the chairman of the House foreign affairs committee, told reporters Wednesday that the details are classified, but that a warning was given. McCaul said the attack may have been planned as long as a year ago adding, "We're not quite sure how we missed it," or "how Israel missed it." Egypt has not commented on McCaul's statement.

Dozens of San Antonio residents are headed back home after being caught up in the latest conflict between Israel and Palestine. Nearly 60 San Antonians in two different tour groups were in the Middle East when the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas began last weekend. The two tour groups were ultimately placed on buses in Jerusalem and taken to Amman, the capital city of Jordan, where they were able to start getting flights home to Texas. About two-thirds of the residents caught up in the war had made it back to San Antonio as of Wednesday night.

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