Governor Orders Flags To Half Staff To Honor Lives Lost In Attack On Israel

Photo: CrackerClips / iStock / Getty Images

Flags in Texas are being lowered to half-staff as a way to honor those killed in the attacks on Israel.

Governor Greg Abbott ordered flags to remain at half-staff through sunset on Saturday. "It is an act of war to which Israel has a right to self defense," said Abbott. "There is no expiration date for what Israel must do."

Fighting is raging for a fourth day between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The war has left over 1,800 people dead including at least eleven Americans since Hamas gunmen stormed across Israel's border over the weekend. Israeli warplanes continue to pound the Gaza strip which is controlled by Hamas.

The FBI is leading the effort to locate Americans impacted by the Hamas attacks. The agency posted on social media that reports of dead, injured and missing Americans are being treated with the utmost urgency.

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