War Rages On Between Israeli Forces And Hamas

Palestinian Militants Launch Rocket And Ground Attack On Israel

An Israeli armored personnel carrier drives toward the Israeli southern border with the Gaza Strip on October 9, 2023 near Sderot, Israel. Photo: Amir Levy / Getty Images News / Getty Images

War is raging on today between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas after its fighters launched coordinated attacks on Israel over the weekend. Since then the death toll has risen to nearly 1,200 with thousands more injured on both sides of the conflict. At least nine Americans are among the dead, according to the State Department.

The United Nations Security met in an emergency session Sunday to discuss the war between Israel and Hamas. Israel's Ambassador to the UN compared the deadly attacks to that country's 9-11. The ambassador expressed appreciation for the support from the international community, but noted that history has taught him that support when Israel is attacked is often short-lived. The council met for roughly an hour and a half, ending without agreement on a joint statement on the conflict.

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