Biden Condemns Hamas Rocket Attacks On Israel


Smoke billows over the Israeli side of the border with Gaza as seen from Gaza City on October 7, 2023 following a series of early morning rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Photo: MOHAMMED ABED / AFP / Getty Images

President Biden says the U.S. "unequivocally condemns" Saturday's horrific attacks by Hamas and stands ready to offer whatever support Israel needs.

In a White House statement, Biden said Israel has the right to "defend itself and its people." He called his administration's support for Israel's security "rock solid and unwavering." Biden noted that he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning to offer his support and condolences to the people of Israel.

Israeli authorities are confirming at least 70 people are dead and hundreds seriously injured after a major attack by Hamas militants.

Israel has declared a "state of war" after hundreds of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip this morning.

Palestinian militants have also crossed into Israel, and Israeli media have reported gun battles between Palestinian fighters and security forces.

Israeli fighter jets are carrying out targeted air strikes on the Gaza strip where Palestinian officials say nearly 200 people have been killed.

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