Title 42 Expires Tonight

Migrant Crossings At Southern Border Increase Ahead Of Title 42 Expiration

Immigrants from Venezuela cover up during a dust storm at a makeshift immigrant camp located between the Rio Grande and the U.S.-Mexico border fence on May 10, 2023 in El Paso, Texas. Photo: Getty Images

Towns and communities across the Southern border are bracing for the end of Title 42 and the wave of migrants expected to come with it. El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser says his border city is ready for anything.

"We've been prepared for the unknown and we still don't know what the unknown is because we don't know what will be coming," said Leeser.

Migrant crossings are expected to surge when the COVID-era policy ends late Thursday night. In preparation, the Texas national Guard is upping its presence at hotspots along the Southern border and deploying a specialized unit trained in riot control. The Biden administration insists its ready to handle the influx and the growing humanitarian crisis. 1,500 additional troops are arriving to help border patrol process paperwork. Border officials are urging those who cross illegally to turn themselves in and get processed or face consequences, ranging from possible prison time to fines.

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