Spurs Top Pacers 110-99


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The Spurs returned home following the Rodeo Road Trip and beat the Indiana Pacers 110 to 99. Jeremy Sochan led the Spurs with 22 points. Zach Collins, Devonte' Graham and Devin Vassell each added 18. The Spurs are now 16 and 47 on the season.


Spurs Assistant Coach Mitch Johnson

(On two straight games holding teams under 100 points… )

“I think some young guys are making strides. There's an adjustment for them physicality wise, size wise, schematically. I think you're just starting to see some incremental games on that side of the floor for some of our young guys, and some of the other guys focusing on it. It's hard when you lose a lot of games to focus on defense, and you give them credit.”

(On Jeremy Sochan becoming more assertive as he gains experience…)

“I think so. He's imposed his will on games at times for us this year. And it hasn't always worked out. But when you become a player in this league and a main player that's going to have a lot of volume, that's something that you kind of have to navigate. [Gregg Popovich] has done a great job with him of growing him but also giving him some freedom, because it's not going to be perfect for player at his age to have that type of output.”

(On losing journey helping guys figure out what they need to do to win…)

“Winning definitely gives you credibility and a feeling like the hard work is paying off. So, the wins are necessary at some point. Pop’s line has always been, ‘if we do the work we're supposed to and trust the process and respect the basketball gods, that the wins will come, whether that's next year, next month, next week or tomorrow.’ You give the guys credit. They stuck with it. We've been through some rough patches, and happy for them that they can enjoy it.”

Spurs Forward Jeremy Sochan

(On what these wins mean…)

“I think I think they mean a lot. It's not been the best season. There has been a lot of ups and downs with a young team, of course. But we try, and we always want to win. I think winning in Utah and this game is really important. I think we all believe that we can win the next two games as well and keep it going. It was coach Mitch's first win as a head coach, so I think that's why we were cheering that loudly.” 

(On growth in confidence and assertiveness…)

I've said this whole season [that] I think is a process. And I think as the seasons goes along, I feel like I've got [be] more confident, aggressive and imposing my will. I think it's just going to keep going up. We'll see what happens, but I think it's going to be really positive.”

Spurs Guard Devonte’ Graham

(On playing in his new home in San Antonio…)

“It was great. I was excited. I was playing my first game. I was a little nervous to be honest, but I was surprised by how many people were here tonight. That just shows you the support is crazy out here and that’s huge, especially for a young group who’s been struggling this year. Just to see that they continue to support and come out builds a lot of confidence and you want to play good for them.”

 (On winning two games in a row…)

“When you got young guys like this and you’re losing and you go on a 16-game losing streak and stuff like that, their demeanor has never changed. They’re pretty mature and professional, showing up every day, still working hard. Just by the little time I’ve been here, you can tell they’re going to be good, just keep learning, watching film and the locker room has been good and positive. So, those are all good things moving forward in the future.”

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