House Votes To Remove Rep. Ilhan Omar From Foreign Affairs Committee

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The House of Representatives voted to remove Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. The party-line vote was 218 to 211, with Ohio Rep. David Joyce voting present.

Republicans said their decision to oust her from the powerful committee was because of past comments she made that were viewed as anti-Semitic.

"Representative Omar, by her own words, has disqualified herself from serving on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, a panel that is viewed by nations around the world as speaking for Congress on matters of international importance and national security," the four-page resolution states.

The move fulfills a pledge made by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to remove Omar and Reps. Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff from committee assignments. McCarthy already removed Swalwell and Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee, which was previously chaired by Schiff.

Democrats blasted Republicans for removing Omar from the committee.

"Consistency? There is nothing consistent with the Republican Party's continued attack, except for the racism and incitement of violence against women of color in this body," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said. "This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America."

Before the vote, Omar said that no matter what happened, she would continue to speak out.

"My leadership and voice will not be diminished if I am not on this committee for one term. My voice will get louder and stronger," she said. "So take your vote or not – I am here to stay, and I am here to be a voice against harms around the world and advocate for a better world."

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