Winter Storm Warning Extended For Parts Of Texas

Photo: Getty Images

The winter storm warning that was issued for parts of Texas has been extended through Thursday, February 2nd, according to Fox 4 News. Wintry weather is expected to continue over the next couple of days, bringing more freezing rain and icy conditions. Temperatures will also likely stay below freezing for longer than expected.

It is recommended that you stay off the roads as much as possible until the winter weather leaves. Meteorologist Evan Andrews explained, "This is one of those situations where if you are sitting home and you're watching, just hand there. It's going to probably get progressively worse as the day goes on."

Temperatures have remained in the 20s across North Texas, turning any rain that was falling into ice. Another round of sleet and freezing rain is expected Tuesday morning (January 31st) into Tuesday afternoon.

Precipitation is expected to dwindle on Tuesday afternoon, but patchy rain and drizzle will likely continue into Wednesday (February 1st.)

Temperatures will start rising above freezing on Wednesday, making road conditions better. It will continue raining on Thursday, but temperatures will be above freezing by that point.

Temperatures will continue to rise into Friday, welcoming a weekend with warmer temperatures and sunshine.

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