Viral Video Hilariously Shows What Life Is Like As A Texan

Photo: Getty Images

A viral TikTok video hilariously shows what it is like to be a Texan, giving a satirical play-by-play of what life is like in the Lone Star State.

TikTok use Officiallyarahollyday begins the video by waking up already in his cowboy boots. After gargling a shotglass of warm Lone Star beer, he says he pledges allegiance to H-E-B, Blue Bell, Whataburger, and Buc-ee's.

Hollyday later jokes that he consumes a "Texas standard of 12 gallons of sweet tea" in a day. Each glass is obviously appropriately filled with many teaspoons of sugar.

The TikTok videos then shows Hollyday spending four hours practicing his yeehaws before taking a few minutes to Remember the Alamo.

Hollyday jokingly finishes off his day making sure the stars are shining big and bright, just like the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas" states.

Of course the video was all in good fun, and people seemed to love it! The video has gained more than 1.9 million likes and over 18,000 comments. One user commented, "God bless Texas *single tear rolls down my cheek.*" Another wrote, "I honestly think this is what people think of Texans lol I mean, some of it's true but they don't need to know." H-E-B even got in on the action, commenting, "That yeehaw is a 10/10 Partner!"

Check out the hilarious viral video below:

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