WATCH: Rare Weather Phenomenon 'Thundersleet' Caught On Camera In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever experienced thundersleet or thundersnow?

The rare and fascinating weather phenomenon was caught on camera in Texas. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that thundersleet was witnessed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Tuesday (January 31st). Many residents were able to capture the stunning weather phenomenon on camera.

So what is thundersleet?

According to the National Weather Service, thundersleet is a rare condition that occurs when a winter thunderstorm produces sleet or snow instead of rain.

FOX Weather senior digital meteorologist Brian Donegan explained, "While thundersnow is rare, it can be considered even rarer when sleet and freezing rain are accompanied by thunder and lightning."

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth alerted residents on Twitter that they may be able to experience the phenomenon, writing:

"Thundersleet is likely in some convective cores (orange/red areas) south of DFW. 
Expect a few isolated thunderstorms with bursts of accumulating sleet and freezing rain to continue through the morning across North and Central TX."

Check out the stunning videos of the rare weather phenomenon below:

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