Spurs Lose To Suns In Overtime


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The Spurs lost in overtime to the Suns on Saturday night 128 to 118. Keldon Johnson led the Spurs with 34 points and Jeremy Sochan had a career-high night with 30 points. Chris Paul led the Suns with 31 points.


Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich

(On the overall game…)

“Good basketball team. Very good basketball team. A lot of guys played. A lot of guys participated. They played physically, they played hard. Did everything they could do, and you know a couple of guys, Chris [Paul] and Mikal [Bridges] took over during the overtime [and] made shots. Keldon [Johnson] tried to keep us in it, but those guys kind of just took over in the overtime. Tough way to lose, but really proud of what they did and played better all the time.”

Spurs Forward Jeremy Sochan

(On what was working for him tonight…)

“I think just staying in the moment and staying aggressive.”

(On playing in front of a loud energetic crowd…)

“That was definitely the loudest they’ve been this season, for sure. It was crazy. It was so loud. You couldn’t really hear anything on the court at times. It’s just exciting and that’s just love; for real. It was a lot of fun.”

Spurs Guard/Forward Keldon Johnson

(On what it would’ve meant to win this game…)

“We don't just want to just win one. We want to win a lot. You know what I mean? I was a winner growing up. I won. Tre [Jones] was a winner. We were all pretty much winners, so we came up here to win. We go at each and every game wanting to win. We just don’t want to win one and lose five in a row. We want to get a win streak going. We want to win. That’s what kind of breakthrough we’re looking for, but obviously we’re young. And that’s not an excuse for us losing. We make little mistakes and do it to ourselves. Those mistakes, get fewer and fewer each and every game. That’s the key. We want to get better, and as you guys can see we are getting better. We execute and take less bad shots. We just continue to do that, and hope we can get the results we want.”

(On what he told Jeremy Sochan after his scoring display…)

“I told him I’m proud of him. I told him I’m really proud of him, and I mean it. I’m proud of him just to see the growth. It’s crazy for me as being like one of the leaders on the team to see him come in and flourish like that. Tonight was very big, and I think big for his confidence. He was hitting shots, hitting mid-range, he was doing it all, and continued to guard the best player each and every night. He takes on that challenge. So, I told him I was proud of him; and the first of many for Jeremy. Hungry young player and has amazing upside. I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for him He’s going to be really good.”

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