Texas Woman Gets Car Stuck In Hole After Pavement Collapses

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas woman's car got stuck in a hole after the pavement collapsed. KENS 5 reported that the woman was driving through an Alamo Ranch shopping center when the incident occurred.

The entire front end of the woman's car was submerged in the hole in the asphalt. The hole seemed to be about five feet wide and three feet deep, according to the driver's estimate.

Some shoppers shared concerns about a possible sinkhole, so the street was taped off. The driver says that she kept going to the stop sign because the road was not taped off on one end.

The driver thought the water in the hole was just a puddle from recent rain and drove through it. That's when her vehicle got stuck into the collapsed pavement.

The driver shared her frustrations, saying that her main concern was that the hole opened up earlier that morning but nothing was done about it. She says it was also not properly sectioned off.

There are now shopping carts blocking the east entrance that shoppers put out to prevent others from coming down the road along with caution tape that property management put up.

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