Texas Parents Leave Teen In Truck, Then A Tornado Starts 2 Minutes Later

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas teen from La Porte has a wild story to tell about his first-ever tornado.

When Loren Green and his wife stepped into a doctor's office in Deer Park, they left their teenage son in the truck in the parking lot. Not even two minutes later, the lights began to flicker, two explosion were heard and debris started to fly everywhere. Green tried to go back outside to grab his son, but "it was completely black outside," he told WFAA.

"I could see debris flying everywhere, so I locked the door and went back into where the patient rooms are. It was loud. it was a loud rushing roar," he said. Green continued to share more details about the tornado, which shattered windows, tore the roof apart and left his son hunkered down in their truck.

"He said the airbags deployed and he sat there and just kind of held on. I mean all this rock and everything was flying through the back windshield. It's a good thing he didn't get hurt," Green said about his son.

His dad said it was the family's first tornado they've ever experienced. Luckily, Green's son walked away without a single scratch.

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