Tumbleweed 'Invasion' Takes Over Texas Town, Streets & Homes Blocked

Photo: City of Wolfforth

Some huge tumbleweeds rolled into one Texas town, making it look like a scene right out of a western. My Plain View reported that the tumbleweeds covered streets and blocked homes, cars, and driveways.

High winds were the cause of the dry, thorny plants piling up around the city.

The City of Wolfforth wrote on Facebook:

"City crews are working diligently to remove the tumbleweeds and reopen alleys so garbage service can resume. Tumbleweeds are blowing in on us as we work, making it extremely difficult. Once we get the alleys passable, we will move to the streets and do what we can to help. We are asking you to help us help you. If you are able, we need you to move the tumbleweeds away from your house so we can come through and shred them. If you're unable to move them away from your house, please let us know. However, don't pile the tumbleweeds where they block a street or alley. "

The city warned residents to not get any kind of flame, match, lighter, torch, burner, spark, or anything that could start a fire near the tumbleweeds since they are extremely dry and flammable. "And do not try to drive your vehicle over piled up tumbleweeds either; your catalytic converter could start a fire," the post stated.

City crews are working to clear the tumbleweeds.

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